Monday, October 20, 2008

Since I'm Bored...

In all rights, I shouldn't be bored. I have plenty to do. Unfortunately all of that which I have to do is boring. Therefore, I'm wasting time and stealing this from TaLaisa's blog:

A List of Eights

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch
1. The L Word
2. Dexter
3. House
4. Gossip Girl {shuddup}
5. Pushing Daisies
6. The Food Network {all}
7. The Discovery Channel {almost all}
8. The Simpsons

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. I skipped church because all three of us were sick.
2. I finished the cycle 15 billing for work.
3. I ate an apple with peanut butter, as well as some Triscuits with homemade olive tapanade.
4. I watched 2 episodes of House while I finished knitting a washcloth for a friend.
5. I only wore pajamas.
6. I talked to my hubby for hours in bed when we were supposed to be sleeping.
7. I text messaged with my friend Nikki about 8 trillion times.
8. I taught Oliver where his knee was, and to say the world "girl".

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Home.
2. Trio Cafe. {American food, trendy, downtown.}
3. Cafe Trang. {Vietnamese, Draper}
4. A Taste of Punjab {Indian, Sandy}
5. Noodles and Co {fast noodley dishes, Sandy}
6. Johnny Carino's {Italian, Sandy}
7. Sage's Cafe {vegan, organic, downtown}
8. The last one is a toss-up between Chipotle {fresh mex, Sandy} and Subway {something about it is just so}

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To
1. Oliver being older and more reasonable.
2. Not being fat anymore.
3. My cookbook being published.
4. Group this week.
5. Dressing Oliver up in his lion costume for Halloween.
6. Guacamole tonight.
7. Vegan Freaks meetup.
8. The election being over so everyone quits sending me idiotic forwarded messengers about the fate of the nation.

8 Things on My Wish List
1. A really nice blender.
2. To visit Iceland.
3. To go back to Boston and see Nikki again.
4. That my cookbook gets picked up by a big publisher. This little publisher stuff is for the birds.
5. To lose 100 lbs immediately if not sooner.
6. A finished house that is not under constant construction.
7. To learn how to say no.
8. To be good and talented at something, rather than just "decent" at a lot of things.

8 People I Tag
No one, but if you do this on your blog, let me know in the comments and I'll go read it. :)


TaLaisa said...

Awesome. I think I'm adding at least 8 of your favorite restaurants to my 'to try someday' list.

And I'd never peg you as a Gilmore Girl watcher, interesting.

And I'd like to lose 50 pounds instantly, maybe we should start a secret group. We can 'pay in' to a pot?????? Harass one another about our hang ups and post random inspiring, 'we can do it' thoughts.

TaLaisa said...

Ah, my reading comprehension stinks. You said Gossip Girl. Even more surprising.

And you have a standing invite to Turbo Jam in the gym (at church) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We may even throw in a surprise and you can catch Karlie bustin' a move along with Shaun T and Hip Hop abs.

Wendy said...

Did I invite Oliver to our Halloween party (the lion costume reminded me). It's for all of the little kids in our ward. Saturday. Our house. 5-6:30 PM. I hope you can come!

The Weaver Family said...

TaLaisa: I wouldn't have imagined Gossip Girl to be the surprise of the bunch, lol. But yeah...Gossip Girl. It's a guilty pleasure, what can I say? In regards to a secret harassment group...I'm all for it. I need to get my butt in gear somehow, haha. I would totally come to Turbo Jam at the church, but I work during that time and don't know if I could get away. :( Maybe I will start trying.

Wendy: I will try to bring Oliver to the party, thanks for the invite!

Karlie said...

Love the update! I forgot about this blog, due to the lack of posts probably, lol. Totally head over to the church on Thursdays! I know Ryan has it off right? 9am. I can't say much, I haven't been for a good week or two. Have a good one.