Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tagged! Exciting Info About Me.

So...I used to post in this blog about a year ago, but then it slowly fell by the wayside. But, as my friend Di has tagged me to answer a survey, I thought I might as well reactivate this and attach it to my profile. After all, if Oliver gets a blog, mommy can have one too!

Okay, now onto the "exciting info" [snort]:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was about a month into my sophmore year at high school. I was in Social Studies class with Mr. Lemeiux. I was probably hoping that the cute boy sitting a few seats behind me would notice me someday. (He never did.)

2. 5 years ago?
I was in Latin class at BYU. I had just gotten married about 5 months prior. I was probably doodling in my notebook, rather than paying attention.

3. 1 year ago?
I was getting excited for my prenatal doctor's appointment the next day. I was hoping that they would do an ultrasound so that I could see my baby. I had no idea what parenthood meant, or how much it would change my life.

4. Yesterday?
Yesterday at this time I was trying to get some work done while simultaneously holding Oliver (who every-so-helpfully was pushing the keys on the keyboard and looking up at me grinning, so proud of himself that he could erase an entire spreadsheet with one stroke).

5. 5 favorite snacks?
This is a tough one...cold cereal, Diet Cherry Coke, frozen GoGurt, popcorn, and sour gummy worms.

6. If I had one million dollars what would I do with it?
In order of importance: pay off the house, put money in 3 separate high-yield index fund accounts for our 3 planned children, put money into another high-yield index fund for retirement, buy a second car, finish remodeling the house, pay off Rian's mom's house, pay for my little sisters to finish college without having to work, pay for Rian to go to medical school if he wanted to go...maybe go on a vacation. How boring am I? lol

7. 5 places I would run away to?
I always have fantasies of taking Rian and Oliver and just running off to someplace where no one knows us and we don't have to work and we can just hang out. Las Vegas, Waterton National Park, Oregon coast, Boston (Province Town), my bedroom...

8. 5 favorite TV shows?
Clean House, America's Next Top Model, anything on The Food Network, Scrubs, The L Word

9. 5 things I hate?
Poor grammar/spelling, closed-minded people, people who don't just freaking THINK, moms that don't appreciate being stay-at-home-moms, onions.

10. 5 people I tag?
I don't have anyone to tag. BOO HOO!